About Me

Complimented most on My eyes and voice, I am undeniably hypnotic.

The girl of your most twisted and perverted dreams, the thing missing from your life that you’ve been utterly aching for. Looking up at Me from My heel and into My eyes will make you feel like you’re finally home.

I would describe Myself as a young intoxicating kinkster. I realised My true calling in 2019 after losing several hours using a submissive indulging in every fantasy I never knew I had, I explored more in my personal life until Summer 2021 when I started formally offering sessions.

My desire is to build lasting relationships with My submissives, head fucking them more and more with each visit to guide them towards their true potential, as a submissive, a toy, a play thing eager to serve. If you’re unsure what your fantasies mean, I will make sure you find out.

Sessions are just as much a part of My kink journey as they are yours. I take great joy in My work, I get such a rush from each encounter I have with a well behaved submissive. As a highly sexual individual, I very creative ways of using My sexuality to get exactly what I want.



February 7th to 11th

March 3rd to 6th

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