Booking Policies

  • Please Refer to Me only as Miss/Mistress (I especially despise the words “babe” or “darling”)
  • I will require a deposit, BE DEPOSIT READY PRIOR TO EMAILING. Failure to be deposit ready will leave an extremely bad first impression.
  • I will require your full legal name and your contact number. Anyone using a fake name will not be given the privilege to session with Me
  • You MUST include expectations of the session and your limits, any “no limits” enquiries will be ignored.
  • Please be aware that you will need to know your availability prior to your application.


My minimum tribute is £200 per hour, with a discount on multiple hour sessions.

*For a better idea of pricing, please fill out the form and when I respond I will let you know the tribute.

Shopping Dates/Dinner Dates – £400 set rate with no time limit so we can take our time without clock watching..

Fetish Party Companionship – £500 set rate with any refreshments I require/travel needed covered by you.

*Overnights must take place at a hotel of My choice and I will require 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep

*I use a well equipped incall space, but if you wish to session in a Dungeon please mention this in your initial email and be aware that there will be an additional tribute to pay for the space – £50 for the first hour and £25 for any additional.