“Superb first meeting with Mistress Pamela. Good comms, nice flat and all the skills a man could want from a mistress! Would definitely recommend.” – G

March 2023

I was fortunate to spend a couple of brilliant hours with Miss Pamela in Edinburgh. She is wonderfully skilled, great with comms and devilishly attractive. 10/10″ – M

March 2023

WOW! I had an amazing time with this beautiful and amazing Latex Goddess, highly recommended.” – Stephanie

March 2023

“Mistress Pamela is a true master of Her craft.  Miss lived up to all my hopes and more in Her sense of power, grace and beauty. 

Not only was the session itself incredibly awakening and exciting but the before and after treatment is extremely professional and you are made to feel comfortable and at ease immediately on entering the space.” – J

February 2023

“Having just got home from my first session with Miss Blonde I’m still buzzing and am stuck with a big stupid grin on my face!
As soon as I arrived, despite my nervousness, She made me feel welcome and comfortable for what was to come. Miss Blonde is even more radiant and beautiful in person than Her pictures do Her credit, and She has a delightfully mischievous demeanour. 
During the session, Miss Blonde was always in control and every activity was a pleasure with Her (even with the pain). 
When She stood over me, I could see how She enjoys Her work and can make every session special. 
She was born for this, and I feel incredibly lucky I’ve had the chance to serve Her in person and can’t wait until the next time. ” –

February 2023

“I had the honour of getting to spend some time with Miss P recently.  She was everything I hoped for and so much more.  I felt so comfortable talking about my kinks and what I wanted from the session, which She absolutely delivered on.  One of my main kinks is high heels and Miss P made me worship and clean Her shoes which I absolutely loved.  She looked absolutely incredible towering over me in Her pleaser heels while I was on all fours doing what I was told.  Can’t wait to see Her again” – T

September 2021

“I had a fantastic time with Pamela Blonde. I booked a no mercy ballbusting session and She really didn’t have any mercy, it was amazing. Her photos don’t do Her justice, She is even more stunning in real life. Looking forward to get another session booked again soon.” – R

September 2021

“I had been looking to book a session with a Domme for a while and I decided on Miss P. This was my first ever session with anyone before and I’m so glad I picked Her! She made me feel comfortable from the get go and sat me down to talk about what I was looking for from the session and any limits I had and these hard limits were kept to throughout the session. Miss P was the perfect Domme for me as a newbie and I can’t wait to session with Her again. If you are new to this (or experienced) I would definitely suggest Miss P for the way She handled my session. Thank you!” – C

November 2022

“Miss Pamela Blonde was a genuine, friendly and welcoming Domme from start to finish. She put me at ease, while also roughly punishing my arse and balls. I was dripping from the moment I got undressed! She allowed me to worship Her while keeping me well disciplined. We finished with a final session of pain play, and I was very happy to fulfill Her desires. I am looking forward to seeing Miss again soon, and would recommend Her to anyone.” – G

July 2022

“First of I’d like to underline the fact that you were :

-swift to answer my initial request 

-thorough about every detail during our exchange leading up to the moment I rang at the dungeon’s door

That might not be the most exciting part to speak about, but those two aspects showed me I was in the hands of a very professional and responsible person, and were an important step in building the trust I would have for you later on.

Regarding the session, there was no awkwardness at any point, you made me feel instantly at ease. You were also able to keep a level head during the entirety of the session, quickly solving any little technical issues we could be faced with and thus not letting me get “out of it” at any point.

I appreciate the fact that we gradually descended from this formal (actually not even that formal) exchange into action without me even noticing it. When I try to recall how I felt around you, I’d say it was a deep sense of confidence in you and in myself. I perceived inner peace and comfort.

Your smile, demeanour and most of all facial expression had a soothing yet arousing effect on me, and made me know early on I would be able to really let go and give in to your every biddings.

And those eyes. My God. Those eyes. Words can’t do them justice.

They switch from the elegantly blasé expression of someone who knows She could have anyone at Her feet with a nonchalant snap of Her fingers to the mischievous spark of a frisky succubus. In France we have the expression “la femme-enfant”, which has no equivalent in british (guess the closest would be “babyface”), to describe a woman with an expression of innocence yet (often devilish) playfulness

I’m an absolute sucker for this attribute, and you cranked it up to 11. Speaking of it right now makes me feel how docile my mind was while listening to your voice.

Taking pictures at the end was an exciting conclusion, and felt like doing justice to this delightful moment we had just spent together. I felt genuine joy and pride when you asked me about publishing them

Thank you so much for what you are doing. Spending this afternoon with you was a thrilling, liberating experience. You were perfect all the way.” – A

August 2022

“To step into a D/s environment can be quite intimidating and is a big thing for a lot of people, I know it is for me. Pamela Blonde made me feel comfortable and at ease from the first email, there was no rush and there was a special care given. In our sessions, I’m big on fear play and being out of my element and Pamela Blonde knows perfectly where to get me good, how to make me most vulnerable and shaking like a little mess. Sitting on the way home with a scarlet red behind, like purple stripes across it, it makes me proud of Her work. Safety is paramount and Pamela Blonde always respects limits and will never go where you do not want to go, and once the session is over She’ll bring you down to earth and make sure you know you are safe. It’s a wonderful thing to enter a safe space, do fucked up things and still leave the safe space.. being safe. It sounds simple but it’s harder than what it sounds but not with Pamela Blonde. I really do look forward to building our D/s relationship further and to explore more of what I like and dislike in a true filthy safe space. I cherish my kink a lot and it’s nice to share it with someone that has the same sentiment.” – D

August 2022

My first steps into the D/S environment couldn’t have been handled any better from Miss Blonde. My initial request was answered swiftly and all follow up emails were to the point, with the session being organised and finalised very quickly. The opportunity arose to book a double domme session with another iconic lady and the request was again handled speedily.

It was during the initial booking phase that I should have probably articulated that it would be my first time with a domme, never mind 2. Added to that it was in a fully equipped dungeon. However from the moment I stepped in, Miss Blonde immediately put me at ease. Then when I told Her I’d never sessioned before She again went to some lengths to make me as comfortable in this new environment as possible.

As we moved into the session itself, I never felt any awkwardness at any point. Miss Blonde’s demeanour made me feel at ease at all times and I relaxed into Her care. She managed to provide strict direction whilst also injecting some humour into the session, which I appreciated greatly. The tone of Her voice, the look in Her eyes and Her touch had me aroused throughout (even if it didn’t show). She knew what to do and when to do it. It was a perfectly choreographed session which built up to an amazing crescendo.

I thoroughly enjoyed my session and consider myself lucky that had the opportunity to session with Miss Blonde. I look forward to further exploration of my kinks with Her and would wholeheartedly recommend Her to anyone. – E

October 2022

Miss Blonde was very welcoming and open at the start of the session, getting to know a bit about me and my experience level and making me feel very comfortable within that setting. After introductions, She began giving instructions on how to worship her, and following every one was a pleasure. She is a beautiful, strict and sensual Mistress, who created an amazing experience for me. I really look forward to being able to serve her again in the future.– D

October 2022

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